In about 1 month, Maids on the Spot will start its 20th year in business. We have survived 9/11, an eight year recession, an on-going pandemic, along with the every-day foibles of a fickle industry. I would like to say, “WE ARE GENIUS’.”

If only we were…

The true fact of the matter is, we have only been and continue to be as good as our staff make us. We can train perfectly, communicate clearly, and make honorable decisions along the way, but we go as our cleaners go.

For anyone old enough to remember, in the television sitcom, The Brady Bunch, the Brady’s had a terrific maid, Alice. She cleaned, cooked and offered advice with charm and an unforgettable smile on her face nearly every episode. The quintessential maid.

…for 5 years.

That was the entire run of the Brady Bunch series. 5 years and 117 episodes. If each episode represented a cleaning day for Amazing Alice, and if we imagined those cleanings about 2 weeks apart from one another, Alice would have cleaned for Mike and Carol and the rest of the clan for about 4 and a half years. Those are pretty good numbers Alice!

The Brady’s wouldn’t be the Brady’s without Alice, and Alice certainly couldn’t have been Alice, without the Brady’s. Likewise, Maids on the Spot would have been a short-run mini-series without our “Alices,” and our “Brady’s.”

Maids on the Spot employs 20 employees. All are professional, but six of them, are our Alices’. They have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned with charm and unforgettable smiles everyday for at least 4 years. (Three of them for over 10 years and one very special one, begins her 20th year, along with us.) Consider that for a minute. These employees, mostly women, are doing the grunge most of us put off as long as we can and then delegate to our children… or hire maids to do it for us.

We have total confidence that many of our remaining staff are well will achieve “Alice” status within a few years. To you all, we salute you! We celebrate with you. You have made our jobs enjoyable in the uneven world of a house cleaning service.

Now to you, the “Bradys” of our company. You have treated our maids kindly and respectfully over the years. Over 60 of you have had us cleaning your home 200, 300 and 400 times or more. We have cleaned some of your homes over 500 times, 678 being our current record.   

If those numbers reflect success, equally important to us are our “Brady’s” we have gotten to know and love over the past few years.  We thank you and are grateful to all of you, whether we’ve cleaned for you once or 678 times.

We appreciate you trusting us. We appreciate you valuing us. We appreciate your referrals.

50 years later, the Brady Bunch lives on in syndication and on HULU. We also look forward to our next 50 years working with our “Alices” and serving you, the Bradys.