I know lots of four-letter words. Some are just thoughtless meanings of expression. Most are just plain
mean. Some I don’t want to know what they mean. So what if 4-letter words became 3-letter words?
Can you think of a 3-letter that extinguishes the meanness of every 4-letter word you’ve ever heard? I
will give you a hint. It starts with J… and ends with Y.
JOY! Among the most misunderstood happy words in the galaxy! Most people wouldn’t use joy to
describe how they felt watching the Super Bowl, but that same crowd would say they enjoyed it. JOY: a
DEEP emotion of well-being. A feeling of great pleasure and happiness. Is that you most days? Some
Have you ever experienced joy with your house-cleaner or cleaning company? Is that even possible? As
the recipient and provider of house-cleaning in the larger areas of Mesa, Gilbert, and Chandler, I say yes,
it’s possible! I co-own Maids on the Spot and I am an expert on the joy and despair of providing this
service. And if you know these few tips, JOY in your cleaning service is not only possible but probable to
Tips 1 thru 4. Do you know the person who cleans your house by name? Do they know you by name?
How about your kids? Your pets? If there isn’t some attending to personal things in your cleaning
service, you’re trading the joy of empathetic cleaning for a chore list. I hav
e co-owned the cleaning company Maids on the Spot, for over 20 years. I have watched employees
come and go and come back again. I’ve seen their joy in their successes personally and professionally.
I’ve seen them cry with mine and their house-cleaning clients over the loss of a loved one or even a pet.
Their compassion has brought joy to those same clients months later, after grief had taken its turn, and
it has brought joy to me.
Tip 5. Do you know that if you can afford to have someone else clean your house you are in the upper
25% of people in America who have that kind of discretionary income. Certainly, most of my employees
could not. Appreciate the effort. Know that there are plenty of easy jobs out there. There is great joy in
Tip 6. Bad or average cleaning going on? Missed appointments? No communication? Do not despair!
Despair and joy cannot fit into the same space. Good cleaning companies will always… ALWAYS try to
make you pleased.
I have watched my company mature and grow throughout Mesa, Gilbert, and Chandler. I still find joy in
it when the blocks of fear of failure and responsibility do not overwhelm me. Today I feel a little of that
joy as I watched happy employees and heard from content customers in my day to day interaction with
Maids on the Spot exists to do more than clean houses. We clean so you might feel a little joy in your life
doing something else. I hope you call us sometime and set up a cleaning so you might see the difference.