Concerning fortune cookies! Who doesn’t love a good one? And perhaps a good fortune with it. According to the little white slip inside my cookie from last night, this year, 2023, year of the rabbit. The cookie didn’t elaborate but rabbit years sound less threatening than snake or rat years. Maybe it all depends upon the rabbit (ask any fellow seeking the Holy Grail) I’m pretty sure that Mesa High Schoolers might suggest you “fear the jackrabbit.” Stockbrokers only fear the bear, or the bull.
I have it on good authority if you are not Chinese, nor their fortune cookie, nor your stockbroker, its not the year of the rabbit at all.
For me, owner and operator of Maids on the Spot, a cleaning company serving Mesa, Chandler, and Gilbert areas, it’s the year of the baseboard. And it’s about time. Abused, neglected, avoided. Where’s the love? It’s right here in Mesa, Arizona! Maids on the Spot loves baseboards. Well, loves clean baseboards.
Baseboards are unique. They are neither a surface nor a wall. They sit 3 to 6 inches above your floor and you probably never look at them unless you are a baseboard geek… or a professional at cleaning them. We are the latter. We clean baseboards for a living. After 21 years we are undeterred experts at it. Dog hair? Cat hair? Oatmeal? Syrup? We clean ‘em. If we have the good fortune, we will clean yours too!
So remember the year of the baseboard. And remember who cares about baseboards. Maids on the Spot.