“I’ll have what she’s having!”

Quiz… Those 5 words made you:

  1. Smile
  2. Chuckle 
  3. Laugh out loud
  4. Want to go re-watch When Harry Met Sally so you know what you’re missing. 

If you answered C. I bet you can even hear them delivered by Estelle Reiner, the movie director Rob Reiner’s mother. By the way, the line wasn’t even in the original screenplay. 

So why did this line resonate with moviegoers everywhere back in 1989? Because “I’ll have what she’s having” RINGS TRUE in the ears of everyone who hears it. What people want is what they see others getting, at least when what other people are getting is amazing. Amazing needs no advertising. It is self-propelled by the enthusiasm of those who witness it (consider Top Gun Maverick’s success.)

I co-own and operate a maid service, Maids on the Spot. I am certain that over the 21 years we have been in business, we have not been amazing to some and probably only good to many. But we have been amazing to many others. Our company reflects it. Since 2012 we have spent little to nothing on internet advertising, mailing, or other promotions. Instead, we have relied solely on the referrals of others. Truly, we do hear “I’ll have what she’s having!” often. 

Most of what we do is clean the same residential, lived-in houses over and again. But we also clean some business offices and we do take care of move-in and move-out properties and provide single event cleanings. We don’t claim to be amazing all the time, but we are consistent, and we try harder, work happier, clean smarter and stay affordable. This is our formula for amazing. So if you think you want what she’s having, and you live in the Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, or Queen Creek area, we may have what you are looking for.