Cleaning floors on our hands and knees vs. using a stick mop. Which do you want?

1 single terry cloth towel can be folded to provide 8 clean surfaces. Our maids are specifically trained in this method when they join our team. A stick mop head has 1 surface and cleans a larger area of your hard floors. 
Knee-mopping puts us lower to the ground where we see corners, grout, baseboards and general dirt better. A stick mop covers a larger area in a general way and saves on time and ultimately, money. 
Most floors are cleaner and look better after knee-mopping. Some floors look better after stick-mopping. 
Knee-mopping keeps us humble. Stick-mopping keeps our knees and backs safer.
Not many companies knew-mop anymore. We have been happily knee-mopping since 2001 and this is one of the methods we use to better serve you and keep you home clean. However, we do still use a stick mop as well.