What is in a name? Do you know how the cities of Mesa or Gilbert got their names? What about Amazon or QT or Starbucks? Or even Maids on the Spot. You probably don’t know but equally important, why should you? It doesn’t really help you. Yet these companies spend gazillions of dollars on the internet, TV, billboards and just about every other object in your line of sight. 

Your Mother on the other hand, didn’t spend a nickel on yours. But likely when you were very small, she bounced you on her knee and proudly told you how special your name was, what it meant, and what it means about you. And that…, that I believe you do know and keep sacred to who you are. And it doesn’t matter if your name is the same as your next-door neighbor’s. Your name is special.

While given names can be repeated generationally or culturally (See Mary, Jennifer, James and John as those most popular over 100 years,) there can only be one Sears, only one Krispy-Kreme, and only one Maids on the Spot. In the world of business, no one gets to borrow your name and ride on your successful coattails without your permission. 

Maids on the Spot was born and named in 2001, feeling the familiar effects of a recession, and just months before the calamities of 9-11. Our first week, we cleaned 5 houses. Within 3 months we were cleaning 15 in a week. After 2 years we had topped 50. For years we have cleaned closer to 100 houses a week. 

So why do you care? Because there is only one Maids on the Spot in all of Arizona. And we know what is special about our name and we carry it with us. You can see it on every employee’s face. You watch it in their work. WE TRY HARDER! WE WORK HAPPIER! WE CLEAN SMARTER! WE STAY AFFORDABLE. This is what our name means. It’s an identity that was born 21 years ago, and we wear it with pride.

Compare us with whatever experience you’ve had. See what’s in a name.