Hi, I’m Bern Roberts, one of the owners here at Maids On the Spot. We are a residential and commercial cleaning company located in Mesa, Arizona, 85207. So, how do you love your cleaning company and how to get them to love you?

Let me suggest three answers you may not have considered.

I have recently come to the conclusion that training, organization and experience are not all that is important. To meet our client’s expectations, our maids must be empathetic. Having emphasized the importance of technique for 20 years, this has been a painful insight for me to learn. I have seen first hand that our best maids have always been empathetic to their customer’s needs first, and then became skilled cleaning technicians.

Empathy is a relatively young word not even 150 years old. In fact, it doesn’t show up in the English language until the early 1900’s. But its short life as a word is not obscure. Most of us know its meaning today as something near compassion. Feelings of others we might try on like clothes and experience them as we think they might.  Suggestion #1 look for companies that hire empathetic individuals as a priority, not just as a bonus to experience.

Gratuities do not have to be monetary. In study after study, dissatisfied workers leave their jobs because they did not feel needed nor wanted. While getting and extra five or ten dollars would bring any maid a smile, consider what a sincere compliment would do. Telling them in person or in a note that they “nailed it” on the master bath last cleaning, or that you’re so grateful you can trust them in your house, will have a stronger effect on that maid long-term. Even if they are not yet meeting all of your detailed wishes, there is always time for that after the maid or maids know you appreciate them. Financial gratuities, like compliments should always come from the heart, not from the head.